What’s an aircon regas – and why do I need it?

Just like changing your car’s oil or replacing the tyres, the aircon system needs regassing every so often. 

Air-con regassing is the process of removing the old refrigerant gas from your air conditioning system and replacing it with new refrigerant, so your air-con can run cold again. If you’ve been driving around in the recent warmer weather and finding that the air coming out of the blower, just isn’t cooling you down, then chances are, you are ready for an air-con regas.

There are two different types of gas – R1234 and R134 – and your local garage can advise which one your vehicle needs.

In circulation for cars manufactured after 1st January 2017, R1234 is much better for the environment, but some older cars still run on R134. If R1234 is released into the atmosphere, it will last just 11 days compared to 13 years for the older R134 refrigerant!

As well as looking after our planet, it’s vital you use the correct gas at refill time – the wrong one can literally eat away at your car’s aircon system from the inside, damaging pumps and seals and vastly reducing the performance and life of the aircon.

Whilst R134 gas (the older version) is less than half the price of the R1234 gas (the newer version), newer vehicles tend to have less gas in them, so refilling newer gas systems should not really be double the price even though the gas is much more expensive.

At Great North Auto Services, we can identify the correct gas to use and have the equipment on-site to refill either type.  Our costs are R134 – £69 +VAT and R1234 – £99 +VAT.

Stay cool this summer – pop in to see us and have your aircon system serviced.

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